Welcome to PET SO EASY

We are PET SO EASY - your personal, professional pet service.

We specialise in adoptions and the social rehabilitation of shelter animals.

We help pet-owners-to-be to find their perfect matches.

We help you educate the pets you already have, integrate the new members of your family, help you care for them and simply make life ...


You would like to...


...welcome a shelter dog or cat into your life.


You just don`t know how to decide, don`t know which one to choose or if it will be the right choice for you both.
We help you find the dream pet that you always wanted, the one true companion that turns out to be the missing part in the puzzle of your life.
You want to live with your dog or cat in perfect harmony.


Leave it to us.



We help you save a forgotten soul from a shelter.

Step 1: ADOPT

If you are going to share your life with a pet, it should be the right one. It may be cute, but what else is important?

We know all about PET SHUI, we tell you, we help you make the right choice.

We help you to stay in control of your life.


 Our professionals help you from the beginning to build up the perfect relationship with your new friend.

We help you solve behavioural problems of any kind.

We help you fulfil your pet`s needs.

Step 3: CARE

There may be moments in your life when you feel your pet is a bit too much for you to handle.

We are there to take temporary care of your pet if -  for whatever reason - you can`t.


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